10 golden rules for food-photographers

10 golden rules for food-photographers

By Nune Aylanjyan

Forbes magazine presents the best food-photographers of Instagram, who have thousands of followers, and while looking at their photos still you barely restrain from eating the screen of smartphone.

Food stylist Joann Pai is takes the third place. His working tool is iPhone 5 and Canon 5D Mark II. He prefers VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Afterlight and Picfx filters.

Sarka Babicka is on the second place. Sarka's singularity is that the meals are prepared by her. She shoots by iPhone 5-O and uses VSCO Cam filter.

Forbes gives the Glory laurels to Adrianna Adarme. She mainly emphasizes the colors, takes photos by Canon 5D and uses After light filter.

In the 21st century one doesn’t need a professional camera and to be a photographer to immortalize food. Photos of dishes can be seen on any user's page, but many of them, to put it mildly, decrease appetite. In fact, there are a number of rules, and in case of following them Your food in social networks will look more beautiful and appetizing.

1. Feel at home

It all starts with freedom. It seems that everyone can take out their smartphone and shoot the food in a restaurant or cafe food, but, indeed, not everyone has such prerogative. You must be ready to bear your messmate’s looks and listen to whisperings of strangers.

2. Silent sign

Mute the smartphone’s. It’s not always possible to get a fantastic shot at one dash. In order not to make people turn to You every time, simply turn off the smartphone's vol. and continue your hard work. But at the same time, You should not test Your messmates' patience.

3. Choose only fresh parts

Shoot only fresh food. If the lettuce leaves of Your salad are bleached or sallow, then no filter will help you. But if you still want to take pictures of your defective food and present it in a positive light, turn the damaged product and shoot the part that is in a good condition.

4. The shot must be living

Do not burden your table with other items. Give the dish a free space around. Used serviettes or a half cup can give a messy look to the photo. If a dish doesn’t look very appetizing, but still You want to tell the world about it, then shoot it from only one part.

5. Don’t forget about bright colors

If it’s possible, decorate the dish with natural products or fresh vegetables. All these give not only a beautiful look to the dish, but also helps in further photo-filtering. The more natural bright colors in a dish, the greater success photo will have.

6. What You’d been? what You’ve become?

If you prepare your meal yourself, then shoot the dish in "before" and "after" format. Show the preparation process of it. Usually we see the final version, but sometimes photos taken during the process look more attractive and picturesque.

7. Get into the shot

While shooting a photo You can get in the shot too, but of course it must be done very carefully. We all are rid of that chewing, drinking selfies. Take a photo with Your dish and for example Your hand with the spoon in it. But again some carefullness is needed. of course if You don't want your not worked out nails become a subject to discuss in isntagram

8. Cleanness is important

Cleanness of utensils is in the first place. No matter how appetizing and carefully prepared Your dish is, if it is served in unclean utensils, it will lose its brilliance. Be careful not to shoot while the edges of plates or the glasses are unclean.

9. Lighting

Lighting is very important. It's in vain to try taking photo in pubs and clubs, because they are not a favorable place to take a photo. If You want the whole Instagram admire Your photo, so try to transport Your dish to bright place or at least use Your flash-light, although it is not recommended. By the way, if You're enjoying hot soup, don't wait until it gets cold, shoot it with the steam going out of it.

10. Crown with tags

Don't forget about tags and hashtags. Finally, let's accept that we shoot our food not only for our own archive, but also for our online audience that follows us. On of the main purposes is to a involve as many followers as possible. So use more hashtags and tags. And let the whole instagram know about food You enjoy.


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