5 every day foods that will help to prevent cancer

5 every day foods that will help to prevent cancer

More than any supplement or vitamin, getting certain nutrients through eating whole foods can help block tumors.



Like kale and spinach, carrots pack carotenoids, an antioxidant group that may help prevent rectal cancer.



All prepackaged bread, cereal, flour and pasta contains folic acid, which wards off birth defects and can lower your risk of colon cancer.



Cooked tomatoes are especially good for the guys in your life—they contain a carotenoid called lycopene that might lower prostate cancer.



Fiber-rich foods, including some cereals, root crops and other vegetables, and legumes appear to protect against colon cancer.



The World Health Organization advises adding about a clove a day to foods; it may lower your risk of colon, stomach and breast cancers.

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