"Udul" Dolma 6th traditional festival's 23-metre inch "giant"

"Udul" Dolma 6th traditional festival's 23-metre inch "giant"

Հեղինակ՝ Նունե Այլանջյան Author: Nune Aylanjyan

While Georgians and Azerbaijianis argue with each other over who's national cuisine belongs dolma, we, Armenians, have been organizing for the sixth time traditional festival for dolma. Prepared by Armenian chefs the dolmas of various lengths are the good way to baffle our neighbours, but this festival is not about "eating each other's flesh", but about eating dolma.

More than 60 degustation tables are calling guests with aromas and the proposal of trying new types of dolma right in the territory of Musaler heroic battle memorial and museum. However, even such a "tasty" festival has a "tasteless" sides.


«Tasty»  sides


Check-in Musa Ler: It rarely happens that on Saturday, early in the morning, so just break up with your favorite pillow and go to Musaler. But dolma forced to leave bed and sped out of the city, enjoy a meal, and at the same time make a "check-in". By the way, a virtual wall of the Facebook was filled that day with "Musaler check-ins".

#tbt: When you come to Musaler, you always remember about heroic battles or the lecturer, who gives to summer reading "The Forty Days of Musa Mountain"  by Franz Werfel.  It tempers the national spirit.

Dolmamania: What made to overcome all 109 steps leading to the memorial of the heroic battle? Of course stringy smell of dolma with different lengths and types. Even the most inveterate supporter of dietary foods could not resist, how do it the gourmet?!

Beer dolma: lentils, rice, chicken, mushrooms, raisins, calf meat, grants: the usual ingredients that make up the recipe for this wonderful dish. The list could go on further, even to write a report about it. But all this seems to be commonplace before the beer dolma, different exotic aroma and taste, forced to ask for a second.

Price VS Size: The general price of standard types of dish ranged between 100-150, etc., so it is good to eat a lot and pay less: people prefer larger in size pieces.

National Song and Dance: In recent years, the national song and dance became a frequent "visitor" during Armenian festivals. But the joy was here at an altitude of more because dancers, singers are the young people.

My dolma is bigger than yours: The long-awaited event of the day is a competition to determine the longest dolma. Contestants were divided into three teams. The championship went to "Art Lunch" company team, whose dolma's length was 23 meters. Last year's record is 10 meters. We see a progress.


«Tasteless» sides


Lack of plates: Who would have thought that during culinary festival we will not be able to find the plate, even with "Google". This was that case, "blinked an eye, the plate was stolen". The deficit of forks was another problem of the day. It is good that sellers were trying to help in this matter.

Lack of garbage cans: After the festival the social networks one after another appeared photos depicting the pollution in the area surrounding the monument. Plastic plates and forks were became the footages of the day. 







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