Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan


Author: Anna Gevorgyan

Pastry products is well known enemy of women who try hard to stay fit. But the real thing is, that not the pastry is bad for figure, but the extra ingredients do. Those can be cakes, donuts, and other sweet things that are added for example: sugar, sweetener etc.

If you really love pastry, you don't have to avoid tasty things, the only thing you have to do is to exclude sweet things from you daily menu. Wheat is very good for health, is makes face look good and improves neurological problems and is also a source for energy. The only thing you have to do is to use a reasonable portion.

I love pastry very much and I can't stop eating it to be completely honest. I found a very interesting recipe which is very easy and very tasty. Even couple of days later, it has the same fresh tasty and look. You have to try it. 


We need:

1,5 kilo flour - 600 AMD

2 t/c  yeast - 100 AMD

2 eggs - 130 AMD

1 tea cup oil

0,5l warm water


Add flour, yeast, salt after that add eggs, water. And leave for 20 minutes.


8-10 eggs - 700 AMD

tarragon 4-5 

salt / pepper

After the dough is ready, cut the tarragon and eggs. Mix and add salt and pepper. Add flour as the dough can be catchy. Open the dough and add the filling inside it and close it, as you wish. Cook on over for 20 min. with 180 temperature. 

Whole cooking duration: 50 min. 








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