Dargett a place where people believe in fairy tales

Dargett a place where people believe in fairy tales

We rarely notice people who serve us, and we rarely know their names. But we must always remember that there are interesting personalities. This time we visited Dargett and spoke we Khonarh. She is just awesome person, with whom you can forget everything and chat for hours. 

Khonarh is very shy, but very energetic and positive. She has very good sense of humour and always jokes with customers. 

- When you study and want to have a job you can easily get a job as a waiter. And guess what, this is a very interesting job. I am on my second year and I am going to be a director, first I wanted to be psychologist, but realized it is very difficult task, so I decided to become a director. 

Khonarh learns a lot from people, as she meets a lot of them each day. She knows already what they want, what they think and what they expect. Dargett's brand is based on beer and it is important to know what beer to suggest to the customer.


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Siran August 31, 2016

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