When history is bein’ written on stage

When history is bein’ written on stage

On March 3 all the tickets for this concert were already sold out. With Spring’s coming Yerevan was waiting for both spring’s coming and the Blues-Legend. But the famous singer postponed her visit because of some health problems. On 12th of March, a few hours before the concert, Deitra arrived in Yerevan. After a few hours the legendary singer was standing on KAMI CLUB’s stage.

Farr’s velvet, unique voice, incredible artistry and the infinite kindness gently fondled the hearts of the audience. Ordinarily the concerts in this club are held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, but calling this concert just warm, means to say just nothing this concert is called. With velvet blues-ribbons there on the stage the Yerevan-Chicago friendship bridge was being built. With that passionate and heartfelt performances the black queen was breaking the Armenian audience's hearts, plunging into their souls and infecting with her music even them, who had no idea about blues at all.

KAMI CLUB's walls will long remember Deitra Farr. And what about the participants of yesterday’s concert? surely they’ll rummage the darkest corners of the internet with the enthusiasm of a spy, to find the legendary singer's hits.



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