Every guest is a priority

Every guest is a priority

Reservin Armenia always investigates its partners customer service level and presents the results to you. One of the best places to get a great service is El Garden. That's why this time we went there.

Every Wednesday we present you an interview with one of the customer service representative. This time we spoke to El Garden waiter Vahan Zaroyan. Vahan is a pedagog, but works here for almost a year. We talked about the similarities of two professions and his own benefits. 

''I work here for a year, this a record for me, you know. This spere is very different and you learn so much from working here. The work is interesting as you meet many people, lot of them become your friends, you get to know famous people. You start to observe how people behave. I am a pedagog and I know that people are like kids and you need to be patient with them''. 

What did you learn during this time?

First of all that I have to compromise. That's really very important in this field.

What difficulties do you have on your daily basis?

Sometimes people come, who are difficult to handle. At that moments the fact that I am a pedagog really helps. 

When guests ask for you advice what do you tell them?

I offer them things I like. For example when I want them to get surprised, I offer them the El Ball, it is very tasty and looks delicious. But of course you have to take into account what type of people orders. 

Is it easy to smile all the time?

Well I always smile to be honest, it's like a default thing for me. I have a motto, that my each and every guest must think he or she is my first guest today. 


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