Is Deitra Farr staying in Armenia for good?

Is Deitra Farr staying in Armenia for good?

Legendary Blues singer, arrived in Yerevan on Saturday afternoon, and yet couple of hours later she was at Kami club, energized and happy, ready to perform.

Deitra Farr began her career in 1970’s, her first single ''Won’t support me'' became a hit and was included in Cashbox 100 R&B list.

Despite the fact, that the legendary singer doesn’t have a musical education, she conquers everyone who is in love with jazz, blues and gospel music. We caught her during her final rehearsal and had a nice chat with the queen of the blues.

Welcome to Armenia, Ms. Farr, how is the atmosphere here, do you like it here?

Absolutely, very much so. This is my first visit and I like it here, good room, good people, good food. What else can I possible want.

It is always very interesting to know, what musician like you listen to? What genre you prefer in your spare time?

I listen to gospel al lot, I listen hip hop, I listen pretty much everything.. I also listen to pop music, cause when you are in love with music you love each and every genre.

Talented people sometimes compromise a lot of things for their passion. What have you compromised in your life for music?

Yeah, I didn’t have money for most of my life because I chose to do this rather than to do what my dad told be to do like get a job, a real job. So financially yes, but the good part is I get to see the world, if I wasn’t a musician I’d be stuck in Chicago, I had to save my money in order to go on a vacation, but this way I travel for work. I have seen forty something countries. They pay me to be there. That’s a dream job, so I don’t get to complain. 

I know you had concerts in Moscow few days ago. How was the atmosphere there?

Wonderful, it was my third time in Moscow, I came here from Siberia and I am going back or maybe I can stay here, I like it here.(laughs) .

I know that you have a column ‘ Artist to Artist’’ do you consider it as a contribution to young generation?

Well in my column I interview, my fellow artist, musicians. But they have to have something interesting for me to ask them, cause I only have one page. And I did it because Living Blues Magazine wrote too long articles about me, and it was something like giving back to them. So I told them, I want to do a column ‘’ Artist to Artist’’ and they were like great. Cause I also have a degree in journalism.



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Anulik March 14, 2016

Ynenc em sirum iran, Apsos chkaraca gam hamergiin :/
Hakob March 14, 2016

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