#hellofriday | when saturday awaited more than friday. hashtag jameson

#hellofriday | when saturday awaited more than friday. hashtag jameson

Author: Ani Smbati

On this Friday I have the impression that, city keeps his breath until the Saturday's coming. Look, pubs are keeping silence,  it seems like they save their liver, a pair of lungs, eyes and ears, feet and hands for the next day. But If you persist decide not to violate the sacred ceremony of Friday night, then I keep a couple of things for you.

Until this time you haven't visit "Reincarnation's Home"? It means that this friday is the best day to go that place.  Among the other groups, a popular reggae band too often in concert with its "nest". This concert will start on Friday 20: 30 pm, by the way, House of Reincarnation's address has changed. New one is Baghramyan 25.

If one day you suddenly made a mistake and entered Paparazzi club on Monday, then have to you know that this place is alive only at weekend, while his permanent DJ Shant and Mike J's acquiescence. This Friday is no exception, and "party" will start from 21:00 am.

For the fans of psychodelic and alternative rock LSD's (Little Snail Dance) activity is not a secret. This Friday. 21:00 P.M. They've decided to take the last psychorock performance and go to summer vacations or return to everyday ordinary routine. The entrance is free. 

Before reflecting weekend events I have warning, especially for those who was born on 90's. This Friday is the Last Bell for schools, It means that the whole city have been "closed" by teens. No, actually it is not bad, but this evening when you go to every place you start feel yourself retired person and being experienced a cultural shock asking question: "I don't do this when I was 16".


28 Saturday, May 28

May has been active this year. First is the Freedom Music, now this. Expect that you hate Jameson. Expect that hip-hop is not your favorite music genre, however, it looks like sin missing Jameson Block Party. Although why I've telling it for you? If you still have not heard about "Eraz" factory's upcoming megaparty, then there is no sense to entice, for they do not have an invitation, without which entry is not possible. No, you cannot enter with the "word" of your relative. No, face control boys aren't looking like devils, just no any ticket now. 

However, the party's awaited guest is the Brooklyn based rapper Uncle Murda, one the most prestigious figures in the New York club life. From Armenia the special guest is Misho. The mixed-khshtik promised again full of cool things, some I know, but I will keep this secret. Dress code: street style. Mood: million.


JamesonBlockParty ends right at Midnight, and it is not the organizers caprice, just other pubs and clubs are waiting for us. For this thing we can go to Stoyka for meet with OLO-ին Stoyka, and Paparazzi club with Beatman-ը։



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