#hellofriday | sadists, bubbles and poetry

#hellofriday | sadists, bubbles and poetry

Author: Ani Smbati

This Friday and following Weekends are full of events, starting from culture, ending with nightlife. Let's start.

19։00 | NPAK

"One Shot" International Short Film Festival's Opening Ceremony

"One Shot" festival will be held for the 14th time this year.If you are not indifferent to the youth and independent cinema, which contributes to the development of the festival, it begins Friday evening. The festival opens in NPAK within the project "Unprecedented Armenian Cinema" by the film of Zhirayr Avetisyan "At the Well" ("Yerevan Studio", 1970), filmed on the novel by S. Zorian. The festival will show 72 films, and the festival will end on June 9th.

19։00 | Vitamin club (Pushkin 3)

Sadist live in Armenia

Metalheads, I have good news for you. Do you remember 2008 when the Italian progressive death metal legend were made a concert in Yerevan. Yes, the Sadist are comeback. They joined Friday Metal gig in Vitamin club with Signs and Vanilla Cage from Georgia, Thy Disease from Poland and Divahar from Armenia.Tickets in advance purchase is 4000 AMD and 5000 AMD, at the entrance.

19։45 | TUMO

"Godfather". Parts 1 and 2

TUMO has decided to fully devote June to one of most famous cinema clans of the world - Coppolas'. The film series will start with the older generation: Francis Ford classic "Godfathers".

21:00 | Downtown club

Base Jump Festival nakhaparti

June 5-10 for the first time held in Base Jump Fest. And since it will host the world's longest aerial tramway "Wings" on the world famous 60 tramway beysjamperner cells are making leaps of 320 meters. The festival will have to prepare properly. Well preparty without music mood is being provided by Karo Pillz and Donz.

21:00 | Paparazzi club

Friday night

This Friday Night you can join Paparazzi club, whose music provided by Alen Hertz, Mike J, and VJ Jack.

22:00 | Process

Jazz It Up with Lucy

For already several Fridays Process organizes Jazz/Soul evenings. As the responses were positive, then it's worth a try, especially as it was also a chance to discover new DJ, jazz beats and Lucy Sowa.


Saturday, June 4

21:00 | Paparazzi club

Saturday night

Paparazzi club have an expected guest from Tbilisi on Saturday. It is Boyd Schidt who join Teo and Mike J.

21:00 | The Venue

Bubble Party

Hooray, bubbles, hooray.  The first underground Bubble Party in Yerevan. Come with summer clothes that you want, and your bubble "tools" or take a bubble maker. Besides, a special bubble cocktail promises by bartenders that day.

21:00 | Hindenburg


Hey~ Lelocity is comeback. After a long break, the band will perform again with taste. Entrance fee is 1000.

Sunday, June 5

19։00 Liberty Square

Europe day concert

The events dedicated to Europe Day will conclude with a concert at Liberty Square. The event was attended by well-known artists, including Spanish pop singer Lara Taylor with her dubstep and consolidating electronic mainstream unique musical style, and Manuel Galeye, Spanish DJ, whose main hits were Machine, created with support from Bob Sinclair and Joaquim Garaudy .

19։00 Helmsman

Sea inspired poetry evening

If there is no mood for Sunday's concert, "Helmsman" decided to organize a poetry evening. We have no sea, but we can hear sea inspired poetry, modern authors who made lyrics on marine and fisheries theme. It is blue-green-blue mood elected Iranian poetry in translation. Entrance fee is 1000 AMD, which you can enjoy a glass of wine and a snack.



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