«Hans & Franz» entrance only for meat lovers

«Hans & Franz» entrance only for meat lovers

Author: Nune Aylanjian

Almost a year ago our city was filled with wine bars, and there was an impression, that we all used wine instead of water. But only few bars survived the competition, as they were one of the first bars. But now apart form these bars, we also want somewhere, where we can eat well and enjoy our meal. 

Hans & Franz meat&grill restaurant is located on Saryan 8 and here you can enjoy meat, a lot of it and very tasty meat. This is perhaps the only grill restaurant in the city, but let's hope that not the last one. So let's visit Hans & Franz and see what's rolling. 




Hospitality: You won't find many places in Yerevan, where you will be given treats. So here you can have vodka as a gift. But warning: don't drink it with an empty stomach, as it is very strong. 

Assistance: Often waiters try to sell you something, just for their own gain, but forget about it here. They will tell you in details about the whole menu and you give you advice what amount to take so you will not stay hungry and bankrupt at the same time. 

Meat temperature: Alike the other places, here you can control the temperature of your meat. You will find a list on your table, and can order the temperature according to your preference. 

Not only meat: It is not very true, when people say, that there is nothing for vegetarians to eat here. Well there are things that they can eat here, for example salads or some light things. 

Room for non-smokers: It is very pleasant to know that you can have your meal in a non smoking area. 

Visit to a butcher: As soon as you enter the room, you realize, the interior is brutal and you are visiting a butcher's home. You can see ax there also a bear fur. Let's hope it is not real. 




No place outside: When the weather is cool, it's very pleasant to sit outside, but here the chance that you will find a place outdoors is very small. But of course you can reserve it. 

Special guest treatment: Well you can meet here rich people, who are not used to hearing no for an answer. And for them, here staff creates extra places. And when you are sitting inside and watching it, well it is not so pleasant. This is a very negative thing to do to your customers. 

Late ashtrays: Well yeah, I do understand, that sometimes it is difficult to make it all in time. But, helloo... I chose your place and I need things to be done on time. 

Contraversial signs: It is pretty hard to say which symbol is for male and which one for female on the bathroom door. You have to watch very carefully to understand it. 


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