«Kitchen with Helen». first armenian kitchen blog with Helen Udumyan

«Kitchen with Helen». first armenian kitchen blog with Helen Udumyan

Astghik Iskandaryan

''Welcome to Helen's Kitchen''  This is a way how Helen Udumyan – the first  Armenian cooking  blog's author and host  is welcoming Armenian gourmets  during her  program’s every new release.Her blog presents special reciepes of  various cultures from  the best cooks and just cuisine lovers. We can confidently say that Helen’s kitchen is very unique by its  heartiness, drive and it meets the demands of modern internet users. Helen tries to show by short videos how to cook easy but tasty dishes. She often invites chief cooks and they together try to prepare something yummy at her kitchen. During the program they also have a pleasant conversation while discovering kitchen’s secrets.

Easy, quickly, tasty – the principles of Helen’s  kitchen blog.

Helen is not a cook or an event host  by her profession but she likes prepare delicious cuisine, to eat them and every time to discover  and learn something new. ''The idea to have this kind of program was born when after having  7 years  of break (while I was educating my two child) I should come back to my work. I was thinking a lot and understood that the kitchen is an activity which the closet to my heart, it is a job for me  and at one time I enjoy it. I try to represent  the kitchen and dishes with their whole colors'', –says Helen.

Helen is the same on videos as well as in her real life. She  mentioned that as all housewives she also give a big importance to feed the family with delightful dishes. ''I like to develop myself, to learn from professionals and I am not afraid to do a mistake, to try a new color and taste''.

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