Food deceptions

Food deceptions

Author: Alla Zakaryan

We all have faced situations, when we ordered online things or even food and what we got was completely different from what we hoped to get.

Approximately a month ago, I was at the one of the cafes in Yerevan. The place was very nice and comfortable and the food in the menu looked very tasty. Everything changed, when I ordered my meal and got it after 40 minutes, instead of 10. The waiter's excuse was, that they run out of products for my salad and he had to go to a market to buy them. But the truth was, that he was lying.

I ordered a salad with mushrooms and noted that I don't want red pepper in my salad. What they brought was a salad without mushrooms and with red pepper. Of course I didn't eat it and left the cafe, but I paid for that food.

Wrong served food can cause many troubles. I know a girl who is allergic to pork. Once she ordered shaurma online and specifically noted that she wants it with chicken. Pork shaurma arrived, and the girl didn't notice the difference, ate it and end up at the hospital for 10 days.

Shaurma is one of the Armenian's most favorite dishes, but often when you order it and don't mention to have onion in it, what you get is full package onion shaurma. And sometimes when you see a tasty food photo in the menu, you hurry to have it and after they bring it to you, what you see a complete different picture. And you realize, that the result can be crucial.

That kind of story happened to one of my friends. She ordered a burger, the photo in the menu, was perfect and after he she saw that burger, she couldn't eat for couple of days. The meat was terrible, cheese was Armenian ''Chanakh'' not the one she ordered.

And what can you say about restaurants that use good design for seducing you to spend more money. I know a guy who was a victim of that. He invited his girlfriend to a nice place, where they dined and had a great time. But after the dinner, everything changed, as the guy couldn't believe his eyes, when he saw the bill. And later it turns out, that in menu the last 0 was not seen, so that the visitors could spend more money.

Pay attention to what you order, if you want to be safe. And if you are worried, that yo won't have a free table, make sure to reserve your spot with Reservin Armenia. We collaborate with best cafes and restaurants.

And regarding these stories, well they were half joke and half real. Happy ''lies'' day.


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