Shaurma Mashtots

Shaurma Mashtots

Author: Nune Aylanjian

We do know a lot about the inventor of Armenian alphabet Mashtots, but what dishes he prefered, is a difficult question, we cannot answer. But as we know he was born in Hatsekats village, says us that he might be a lover of good village dishes. Would Mashtots be happy to know that there is Mashtots shaurma in Yerevan at Mashtots 38 address, we again can't know. This place has both advantages and disadvantages. Let's investigate them.




Perfect Shaurma: If someone asked me, where you can find the perfect shaurma, I would answer at Mashtots. Why? Cause the portions are perfect, there are not many sauces, but the taste is just awesome.

Location: It is situated at Pushkin and Mashtots crossroad and is a very comfortable place for working people. And when you serve a good shaurma there, you will be successful. When you are hungry and don't know where to go and eat, you friends already drug you to Mashtots shaurma. It is also very close to pubs, so if you don't want to eat in pub, you can go there grab shaurma and get back to drinking.

Modern interior: There is a cliche, that these places are very nasty and bad smelling. But here it's all the opposite. If you didn't know you can eat shaurma here, you would think this a burger club. The lights are great and interior very beautiful. 

Service: Here waiters come and ask you what you want. They are very friendly and smiley. 

They remember you: To have regular customers is a great deal for companies. And the only way to have them, is good customer service. Here everyone remembers you and when they see you they smile, which is very pleasant. 

Wi - Fi: It is very important for customers to have wi - fi. So you can check your Facebook till the order arrives. Usually it doesn't take long.

Hygiene: It is very clean in here, you can see it at once. No hair or other things were spotted in the shaurma.

Red pepper: This one is important, especially if you love spicy food. You can find it in the corner of your table. 




Don't have: These words just spoil your day. They just do. There were couple of times, when they didn't have chicken shaurma, that was very unpleasant. They have to work on that, to always have supplies. And never ever pronounce that word again to their customers. 

Either.... or: There was a time they only had Pepsi and if you wanted to drink Coce, they just didn't have one. Thank God this problem is solved now.

Dessert: Well, it is not a bad idea to have some sweet dessert after shaurma, but like imagine, how you are going to check in? It will be something like '' Nune Aylanjian is eating cake at Mashtotsi Shaurma'' Isn't ir weird or what?


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