Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Author: Anna Gevorgyan

Today is a special day, and I couldn't just ignore it, so I decided to make a special very tasty dish which people cook in Shushi. Initially I wanted to make a Jenhyalov hats, but it is something you can eat anywhere, after that I considered cooking korkot, but you have to wait a whole night for this dish to be ready, so my choice ended on special chicken dish. And my expectations very overwhelming. I have to admit, that the filler in the original version was not from dry fruit, but this version, trust me is good as well. So here is my very own Holiday dish. Enjoy! 

For 5 people here is what you will need:

Chicken – one whole - 2500 AMD

Rice – 300 grams - 200 AMD

Dry fruit – 100 grams - 300 AMD

Apricot dry fruit - 100 grams - 200 AMD

Onion – 1 - 50 AMD

Butter – 50 grams -100 AMD

Dry greens

Salt/ Pepper

Time: 45 min. Costs: 3350 AMD

Put the chicken in a salt for 20 minutes, for it be clean.

Boil rice and leave for a while. Fry the onion and add on the rice. Also fry dry fruits and mix them. 

Add spices to the chicken and start adding the filler inside the chicken. And put it in the oven. 








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