Lambs do live, wolves feel full

Lambs do live, wolves feel full

Cutlets only with cabbage, if dolma, then only “pasuts”, tabbouleh doesn’t leave our tables: it’s not difficult to guess that The Great Lent knocks our door. Christians around the world for a long time voluntarily waives any kind of animal food. This period of Lent that lasts 48 days precedes the celebration of Ester – the Resurrection of Jesus, During this period, Christians around the world use only food of vegetable origin: fruits, vegetables, cereals. Those who keep Lent, refuse using meat and any food of animal origin, such as eggs, animal fat and dairy products. Naturally, during Lent one cannot also use alcohol.


During Lent Achajour café offers vegetable burgers.

It’s difficult to imagine, how the pubs in Yerevan will survive in this period, without their clients who order drinks. But the restaurants and cafes they have adapted perfectly and included Lenten foods in their menu, and some of them even created special Lenten menu. Almost all of them have a special Lenten dishes in their menu, such as fried cutlets with spinach, soup with aveluk, carrot, cabbage, vegetable burgers, in short, everything that keeps our body healthy and does not violate the laws of Lent. Of course, very few of them offer a special Lenten menu. According to our polls such menus are being used in cafes “El Garden”, “Achajour”, “Coffeeshop Company Yerevan”.

The most pressing food for the period of Great Lent is fresh vegetables 

As some doctors say, it is worrisome to suddenly refuse animal food. They are urging to use mushroom in dishes in this period. Mushrooms partly replaces the meat, because they contain the all essential substances meat has for our body. Also during Lent we must not forget about nuts, grains and beans, they will save the organism from "the deficit of animal food".Endocrinologists, in their turn, recommend to use only raw and fresh fruits and vegetables, otherwise most of the vitamins are likely to be lost.

In cafes “Coffeeshop Company Yerevan” the Lentenmenuis already available 

Nevertheless, one should not forget what commandment this Holiday gives us. Keeping the Lenten diet does not mean to be a true Christian. The Church claims that lent is not limited only by refusing animal food. For first, it is to get rid of our mental and moral vices, sinful thoughts, words and acts, it is to bring back a pious and virtuous life by penitence and repentance, and it is a complete purification cycle for our body and soul.


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Arsen February 12, 2016

Ավելի վատ վերնագիր անհնար էր մտածել
Lilit February 11, 2016

uxx! inch hamov baner er :) pek ci kendaninerin spanel, misht banzarexen a petq utel
Artak February 10, 2016

Հիանալի նյութ է։ Շնորհակալություն։ Ահագին հետաքրքիր ինֆորմացիա ստացա։
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