Smiley Roza at Tom Collins

Smiley Roza at Tom Collins

Tom Collins is surely a place where you can eat, drink and enjoy a good music. And when you hesitate what to order, don't worry Roza is there for you. She always smiles and is ready to help you, even if she is not in a good mood. Do we talked to Roza about tips, menu and her favorite drink.

Did you learn the menu quick?

It is not an easy task to learn the menu. But when you have experience you learn pretty fast. Now I do know the menu by hearts.

When customers ask for an advice, do you usually understand what they want?

I always tell them to try things I also tried and liked. Sometimes I can't understand what they want. But there were cases, when I guessed what they want only by looking at them.

Is there anything you like the most?

Yes, it's a drink and it's a new one. It is cinnamon and rum. It is really very tasty and I recommend it to customers as well.

Can you recall ever mixing orders?

I don't write down the orders. I have been working here for 5 months and I am getting good at memorizing things. 

Do customers mispronounce the names of the dishes?

Yes it happens pretty often, but I can't recall one of them at this moment. 

Is it easy to smile, when you are not in a mood?

Very often I can be not in the mood, but I smile and even customers make me feel positive, but there are many that do the opposite. 

Do you pay attention on tips? What was the most generous tip?

I don't know who leaves how much tip. To be honest, it doesn't interest me.


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