Why don’t we get a smile?

Why don’t we get a smile?

Costumers enjoy when they are served with smile. Well it’s obvious, that this statement is far too not realistic in Armenian reality. The waiters think we are not worth their time, bartenders are always too busy, and taxi drivers always complain. The only smile we get is from supermarket staff, but their smile is fake and they only smile when greeting us. And also we you can suspect, they smile cause the manager is looking at through camera. And overall we all know that we Armenians don’t smile. And you can even see tourist feedback, who claim that no one smiles on the streets. 

And if people in the streets are excused for not smiling, it is unacceptable for staff who serves customers. But before judging, let’s analyze why our brothers and sisters never grant us with their smile.

No Smile for strangers

Armenian mentality has strong belief, that you can’t smile strangers. That’s why the waiter is that cold with us, yep.. we are not that close right?. Cause smile is a fundament for further relationship, and we Armenians are not ready to have relationship in such a short notice. For instance, Americans smile to each other down the streets. And what we do? Right avoid their look.

The Smile should be genuine and honest

We either don’t smile, or smile genuinely. That is our characteristics. But that is not good when you work with people. Americans smile is thought to be fake, meanwhile you can’t force Armenians to smile, when their soul is not smiling. In advance, to our mentality smiling all the time is a sign of being not sane.

At workplace we work, not smile

We don’t smile as we think smiling means you don’t work, or you are trying to hide something you haven’t done. So in this case the waiter is doing his/her job, why bother to have an inclusive package.

To smile, doesn’t mean be polite

Have you noticed, that in our society you can be polite, but not smile?. To smile is an extra effort, that doesn’t need to be done.  

Despite all mentioned, you can’t say Armenians are not kind and caring, despite the fact that maybe we don’t smile often. And be sure, that behind the cold face, there is a warm and caring soul. 


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