We have already mentioned gloomy customer service in Armenia, where waiters never smile. We complain that they don’t smile, but at the same time never recall people who do smile and are very polite with us. We easily forget them. And that’s why Reservin team decided to find smiley faces in customer service field. We made our way towards Coffeshop Company Yerevan, which is a branch of coffeeshops in Vienna. Coffeeshop Company has branches in more than 2000 cities worldwide.

Our visit at the pick of the working day, was no surprise for Vahag.

Coffeeshop Company Yerevan Vahagn

Vahag works at Coffeeshop only for two months, but his smiley face and polite manners already gained him fame among customers. So we had a conversation with him and also found out what he had in his apron.

Why you decided to work in this field?

I decided to work in this sphere about five years ago. And chose to work here, as the atmosphere and people are very positive. I like it here.

Are there any customers, with funny stories?

Well there are always very interesting customers. For example, there are people who come rare but always order the same things, and on the other hand there are customers who come by everyday, even twice in a day and want something new and interesting.

And, when you are a customer, have you ever give an advice to another waiter?

Absolutely not. I know how it feels when you work and someone is trying to teach you something. When I go out I try to relax with my friends and not pay attention.


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Narek March 19, 2016
Ay txa jpta miqich , te che kasen ho du Narek@ ches .... manager chenq ta qez ... :D
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