Open air Yerevan

Open air Yerevan

This is one of the greatest seasons in Yerevan, when you want to enjoy the beautiful weather. Reservin Armenia this time offers you great outdoor places to have a fantastic and quality time. 



For those who enjoy fresh coffee and interesting cocktails, Amiryan CoffeeShop Company is a great place for you. After hard working day this is a perfect place for you to enjoy your time and get distracted. You can have coffee, sandwiches, cakes and other tasty things. Plus there is another option for you as well, you can enjoy CoffeeShop Company II which is situated on Hin Yerevantsi 2. 



For businness meetings ACHAJOUR, which is situated in the heart of Lovers Park is a perfect match for you. It is in the middle of the city but yet the air is fresh and breezing. Here you can find drinks, sweets and many other things. You can also enjoy your time at Parpetsi ACHAJOURwhere no one will disturb you, and you can focus in your work.



EL GARDEN is a great place if you want to have a nice time with your family and also feel like in countryside. You can taste Armenian, Georgian and European food and great sweets. You can also come here with kids as they also have interesting activities and it's pretty safe in here. 



Another very interesting place is EL SKY BAR where the view is fantastic, you see the city from above. You can enjoy jazz, classic and electro music here, eat very tasty dishes and just have a nice evening. EL SKY is on the 7th floor of Yerevan Plaza. 


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