Tet-a-Tet with DJ Teo

Tet-a-Tet with DJ Teo

In the scope of Tet a Tet project The special guest Teodik Muradyan, who is more known as DJ Teo among club music lovers, spoke about the specialities of electro music, about ist development and the trends of that sphere.

ReserVin, -Teo, You are considered to be one of the most favourite DJs of our city. How long it has been that you are a DJ?

Teo,- I am a DJ for about 7-8 years. In the first period I was working in different studios, then I felt that electro music is much dearer to me and started working as a DJ. Before working as a Dj, I cooperated with  «Armenoids» and  «Arata»  bands. I took part in a music award in the USA with Arata. I have also cooperated with Monolog and T-st DJs in TATAnum project, as well as with Robert Babicz, Format: B, Vako T, Boyd Schidt, SOMNE in different events.

ReserVin,- All the DJs had theoir own styles. What is your style?

Teo,- My main style is electro music, But I prefer different genres of music with it as well except for pop music. But Most of all  I love to play and listen to ethno “Lost” music.

ReserVin,- Maybe it is because of your education, isn’t it? You are one of those few  DJ’s that have musical education.

Teo,- Yeah, maybe, I graduated from Yerevan state Conservatory named after Komitas in 2008, the jazz-piano faculty.

ReserVin,- Except for music, do you have any hobbies or other profession?

Teo,- No. I don’t have another profession, but I have a hobby:Racing. I am a member in Armenian automobile federation. 

ReserVin,- And what interesting and new co-operations are you having now?

Teo,- Now I am working in «Record label» company, which is in abroad. I do cooperate with three artists and I do their musical instrumentation. I have my own project, in the scope of which I cooperate with Maria Adamyan, who does live performances with electro music combination. 

ReserVin,- In what club we can loisten to your music? What is your favorite club in Yerevan?

Teo,- Before Paparazzi club, I used to play with Shant, But after the foundation of the club, I usually play there, because Im not only one of the resident Dj’s theer, but I also consider it to be my 3rd home. And the 2nd one is my studio, Where I spend most of my time. You can also listen to my music in «Hayp energy drink». Besides, I am having some orders from Iran and USA.

ReserVin,- Recenty everyone is saying that our club lovers differ from those in abroad.  What do you think: what is the main cause of those differences and what is the main obstacle for the development of electro music in The Armenian Republic.

Teo,- To tell the truth, there are lots of differences. First of all, as a real and true club in Armenia, there is only one: Paparazzi Club. And maybe that’s the reason, that there are few club and electro music lovers and those who are good at it. People attend to clubs just to have a good time, and not to listen to electro music. But the worst thing about it is that many people think that DJ-ing is a very easy thing to do. People think that music is created just by cliking on the keyboard. But it is not like that for sure. In abroad, for example, Dj-ing has been  considered to be Art for already two years.

ReserVin,- And what are your future plans?

Teo,- It’s been a month, that I am creating my album with hip-hop artists. And at the same time I work on my project which soon will be actualized in live version.

ReserVin,- Thank you for a good interview.

Teo,- I am thankful too, for an interesting initiative and for concentrating the attention of public on our profession.

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