Elena Vaenga already in Yerevan

Elena Vaenga already in Yerevan

Today, one of the brightest and emotional Russian pop star Elena Vaenga, has arrived to Armenia. At the airport she was met by representatives of Reservin Armenia team and Mezzo production, which is the organizer of the concert. Soon we will introduce you Elena’s exclusive interview with Reservin Armenia in full. As Elena has mentioned this is her first visit to Armenia. She arrived to Armenia by her own special initiative, full of great and positive expectations. Besides her solo concert, she also intends to visit Lake Sevan and other places of interest in Armenia. According to Elena Armenia attracts her with its millennial history, culture, deep Christian roots and cuisine. The singer has mentioned that she didn’t like to differentiate people according to their nationalities, but she couldn’t hide her special admiration and weakness for everything that is related to Armenian, especially its tasty food and music.

Within the framework of an exclusive interview with Reservin Armenia, Elena sincerely told about her future plans, her music preferences, family, concerns and other interesting facts. During her interview she opened a little secret and told us, that she prepared a special surprise for her audience. Some of the songs will be sung accompanying with duduk.

What can make Russian pop star happy, infuriate or leave her indifferent? Soon, we will introduce you . Before that, we would like to invite you all to be present Elena Vaenga's solo concert, which will be held at Complex after Karen Demirchian on September 14, 19:00 pm.


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