#hellofriday | trios, jazz's, Absolut White

#hellofriday | trios, jazz's, Absolut White

Author: Ani Smbati

Have you felt that is already half of June? The days are slowly getting hot, partying places abound. But where to go, as always, you decide.

15։00 | The National Gallery of Armenia

Benik Petrosyan's Age of Bronze

We need a little spiritual food ahead of alcohol-dancing doping. So, we need to visit National Gallery of Armenia, when a retrospective exhibition of sculptor Benik Petrosyan, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of his death, will open on Friday. Benik Petrosyan is known as the founder and unrivaled master of miniature sculpture, but his works is much more diverse: monumental and machine sculpting, painting, graphics, casts and shaped sculptures, ceramics, design, etc.

20։00 | Club 23


This Friday is Deep House night at Club 23, spiced with techno House. 21:00 PM is Garik Apinyan's time, at 23.00 PM he will replaced by X4O, and Jacob Semirjyan's gig starts at 00:30.

20:00 | Safran

Bossa Nova Night

Outdoor Safran already reopen its doors on May 1 and is now more often organizes live music evenings. This Friday evening is dedicated to the Bossa Nova, and performed by Alexander Hakobyan and Arsen Adonts։

20:00 | Dargett


Newly opened Dargett beer house has become a favorite place by many for a short time, because of craft beer. And now this place is become music platform. The music performed by 1243K was difficult for describing: One-liner: it is a funny mix of folk and computer sound.

21:00 | Enoteca

Wine and Jazz: Chico's New Trio

Missing classic jazz? And what you think about enjoying it with wine? Chico's new trio will perform jazz at Enoteca wine house. New trio's line-up looks: Armen Tutunjyan aka Chico (drums), Karen Grigoryan (piano) and David Geodakyan (contrabass). The trio will join saxophonist Arthur Grigoryan. For note, If you cannot come to Enoteca this friday, you can enjoy new trio on Saturday at Process.

21:00 | Paparazzi club


Friday – Mike J, DJ Drive, DJ Beatman

Saturday – CP Session with Vako T (22։00)

Sunday – DJ Shant

21:00 | Downtown club


Friday – Alen Hertz, Sam Radeo

Saturday – DJ Güevo

Sunday – Latino night Աննա Շախկյանի հետ

21:00 | Sector Dacha


Friday – Nalbandyan Brothers

Saturday – JoJo & Twin

Sunday – Kitchen Recordings

22:00 | Process


The jazz traditions are in progress in Process. You can enjoy with Lucy good music, including amazing people. 


20:00 | Florence restaurant

Absolut White 2016

Taking into account the mistakes of the past, this time the organizers deem it necessary to filter the participants with the help of Jameson Block party organizers. Musical mood fromk Artem Valter (Artzakh), DJ HEY!LEN (Ukraine), DJ Güevo (Armenia), DJ Shant (Armenia) և MC Badsmile Zuxa (Georgia)։ 



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