Curious Edita

Curious Edita

Today is Wednesday and this means Reservin Armenia is discovering smiley faces in our city's customer service field. This time we found ourselves at Achajour and talked to shift manager Edita. 

- I work here for 4 years now and I love my job very much even more than my profession. Achajour is a very unique place, where you can meet very interesting people and enjoy their company. I am a sign language specialist, but I really love my job more. 

Your profession is very far from customer service, how it helps you. 

As you know, sign language specialists are also psychologists, we also read lips which is also interesting thing. So it really helps me to communicate with people and understand what they want. 

What bothers you in your work. 

My voice is very childish and people sometimes think I am a kid. It sometimes really bothers me. 

Do you have customers who you really like?

I love them all, but can recall one guy, who is a developer, he used to come here and tell me really great stories, it was fun. 

And what he ordered?

He always ordered fresh apple juice. He came with his girlfriend and she also ordered fresh blackberry juice. They used to fight for an ice. It was interesting to watch them.


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MarLi June 19, 2016
Միշտ հետաքրքիր ու անկրկնելի Էդիտա ջաաաաան :)
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