Funny bartender at Pepper Burger Bar

Funny bartender at Pepper Burger Bar

If you need to relax after work and have a nice chat, here is what you can do: go to  Papper Burger Bar, where Hayk is waiting for you. He knows exactly what you need. 

Hayk is a bartender, and he is always ready to listen to you and give an advice. He treats each customer in a unique way and after he is done with work the only thing he dreams of is his pillow. 

Hayk, do you see resemblance between your profession and psychologist?

Of course there are many in common things. Both listen and give advice. I think I have a very interesting job. 

Can you recall funny stories or ones after you wanted to see a psychologist?

Nope not the one to go to psychologist? But there are many funny stories, and sometimes it is very hard not to laugh. There was one time, when a man confessed he cheated on his wife, with a girl who was sitting next to him and at that minute his wife enters. That was way too funny. The story ended with fight and injures. 

Do you have time left to make new cocktails?

Yes, of course. I have special cocktails. Actually 2 of them and I give to special customers.


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