#hellofriday | Black Friday

#hellofriday | Black Friday

Author: Ani Smbati

Today is Friday 13th, in other words it is black Friday. Some people think it is a bad day to do things, I say let's enjoy it. I suggest some great places, where you can go and have fun. 

At Sargis Muradyan gallery today will launch an exhibition at 5 p.m. Henrik Siravyan is having a private exhibition there. And you can see works that had never been seen before. The exhibition is open till June 15. 

Tumo is having a great Friday night movies this month. You can watch Tarantino. Screening starts at 7:45 p.m. You can watch the movie in English. 

And if you want to have a drink here are good options for you. 

For underground lovers you can go to Home 45 or Art Studio 45 which is famous as the ''Hakaharvats'' art group's art studio. Friday at 7 p.m. there will be a gathering after which ''Hakaharvats'' will be everywhere. It is situated at Koghbatsi 45. 

You can have a great Friday at Leo 52 Club starting 9 p.m. with always black DJ Serjo. 

If you have missed Astral, Giza and London Bar, here is a good chance for you to be present on the opening of the Downtown today which is located on Sayat Nova 2/9. You can go there starting 9 p.m. They are having a two day opening where you can enjoy best DJ's in town: Supacooks, Serjo, Play, Karo Pillz, Guevo, Teo, Hayk Solar & Arni Rock, Alen Hertz, Donz, Lucy Sowa, Leo, Mike J, X40, Mad & Nancy. You must remember, that there will be a face control and you have to be in a very positive mood. 


Waiting to spend evenings in an open air cafe? Yes, it is becoming real. El Sky Bar is reopening its doors for customers on Saturday starting 7 p.m.

And in Wild West you can enjoy the acoustic evening. with Srbuhi Hovhannisyan and Robert Khudaverdyan. Entrance fee is 1000 AMD. 



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