On February 23, the "Club 23” were full of books. People gathered here to celebrate the completion of the one-month action “Present a book to the soldier” organized by Reservin service. During this period the number of our partners increased. It turned out that quite many people wanted to donate books to army’s libraries. Both organizations and individuals joined this initiative and helped with what they could. On February 23, the "Club 23" the final of the action "Donate a Book soldier" was held. Here in the hug of such interior decorated with military stuff the online reservation system Reservin, its partners and the guests celebrated the successful completion of this important action. The slogan "Entrance with books" helped to collect a huge number of books. It is noteworthy that the book-flow went on until the night. Techno Twins took the responsibility for the mood during the event. The rest details and, especially, the emotions are shown better in the photos bellow. 


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Levon February 24, 2016
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