«Café Berlin» 10 best things

«Café Berlin» 10 best things

Author: Nune Aylanjyan

Berlin Cafe just opened its doors for guests. This is a great place for kids and for their parents. The colors, atmosphere, everything is just great for little ones. There is a large playground, tasty food and many activities. 

You can sense the difference when you enter the space. It is underground, but as soon as you enter, you can spend here your whole day as it is very positive and light in here, and you don't understand how the time flies. 

Brightness: Here it is very light and comfortable. You have the feeling that everything is an Instagram filter and you see all things with that filter. It's always sunny in here. 

Smart design: Details are great everything is taken care of. Wall have history and identity. You can also see handmade decors in here. 

Clean: As we all know kids have a habit to take everything into their mouth and here it is very clean and you can not worry about that issue. 

Motherhood: There are few places in Armenia which can host both children and their parents. But here you can have a great time as a parent with you friends at the same time watching your kid on the screen. You can drink coffee meanwhile your children will play and have a good time. 

For future moms: This is also a great place for future mothers. You can come here with you boyfriend and see and feel how the future will be. Trust me you won't regret it.

Control: You can be calm in here, cause the staff is very careful and lovely. In addition, as mentioned, you can have a tea and also watch your kids. 

Playground: Not many of us had the luxury to have a playground like in Berlin. This is something great. Kids won't get bored and will play all day long, without complaint. 

Staff: Staff is so lovely in here, you won't even have doubts. They are professional who know what to do and how to entertain kids. 

Party: Here you can organize parties for you kids, also have clowns and other interesting shows. You can also celebrate birthday parties in here. 

Menu: Here you won't be hungry. You can eat very tasty pizzas and you won't stay hungry.


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