Smiley faces at Cafe Berlin

Smiley faces at Cafe Berlin

Today is Wednesday and as usual we investigate and find people in cutomer service, who are polite and nice. Reservin Armenia visited our new partner Cafe Berlin. The place is new, but staff is very experienced. We talked to manager Gurgen Grigoryan who told us about his job, kids and communications.

- I work in customer service for 9 years already. I started off as a waiter. At a time I worked as a waiter just to earn money as I was a student and then realized how much I love the job. After that I tried bartending and I loved it even more. This job allows you to know different people and socialize with them. 

What have you learned during your work. And how it helps to communicate with different people.

When you work in a place where guests are not Armenians, you learn different languages. There was a time when I worked in a place, where the customers were Indians, and as a result I know speak Hindi. I also learned Spanish, French and few other languages.

What major did you study? Is it relevant to the customer service field?

I studied food security. I never worked as a food expert. But when inspectors come to restaurants I am the one who talks with them, as I understand a bit more that others.

Do you have an experience working with kids?

I haven't worked with them, but I have a kid for myself and when you are a parent you do know what is important and when you have to be more attentive. You can be with kids as their friend, but you should take care of them as an adult. 


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