Smiley Tadevos

Smiley Tadevos

Every Wednesday Reservin Armenia explores people who work in customer service field and smile to us and are very polite. 

Our very own Coffeeshop Company staff is always very polite and very positive and we always keep coming back here to talk to staff members. This time we found Tadevos, and had a very nice chat. 

- I love my job very much. I like the fact that I meet new people all the time. I would be bored if I met the same people all day long. I love smiling to people and I can do that all the time here. 

What do you like more in your job?

I like meeting people as I mentioned, and I serve my guests the way I would like other people to serve me, this is very important thing to remember in this job. 

It is important to know the menu by heart. How long did it take you to learn? And what dish is your favorite.

Something between 5-6 days. As there are a lot of dishes I can tell you what I like to combine more. For example I like eating Penne Alfredo with Cairo salad. And regarding drinks I prefer ice tea. 

 And what you recommend when guests ask for you advice? 

Before giving advice I ask what they like in general, so that I can have a clue, what will they like. There was a case, when I recommended eskimo and truffle to a guest and now he comes in here to have it all the time. 


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Վեռա August 29, 2016

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