Downtown club's appeared in the City

Downtown club's appeared in the City

Downtown expression is mainly used in North America, referring to the town's center. Downtown club was opened it's door on Friday 13th right in the Yerevan's center at the adress Sayat-Nova 2/9. The place where the club is located have already seen many names, owner, bartenders and deejays. This time it looks like there is big prospect that it will become the central place of the city. This can be said judging by the two-day opening line up: Supacooks, Aram Chakhoyan, Serjo, Play, Karo Pillz, Guevo, Teo, Hayk Solar & Arni Rock, Alen Hertz, Donz, Lucy Sowa, Leo, Mike J, X40, Mad & Nancy.

It is no coincidence that the organizers had promised to do "the opening of the openings of year' by that.

Club area was unrecognizable. The central element of the territory remained unchanged, loved by everyone good-square table, which is right around 21: 00 pm gathered an ardent lovers of night life and just have a good time assessors.

There is also the mini show organized special for Downtown club opening. A white-dressed female athlete heralded the beginning of the Friday night with drinks and spectacular light and sound effects music beats in which everyone can lost.









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