Dress Code or a dressing guide

Dress Code or a dressing guide

Author: Nune Aylanjian

Of course it's not the dress that will make you beautiful, but it can sure be the reason for you to not be able to get inside a bar, club or pub. Dress code is a very important detail, in some countries people even get fired for not dressing correctly.

In Armenia we don't have such thing yet, maybe because we know how to dress, we do realize that you can't go to work in Yoga pants or to cafe in sport outfit.

Only last year there were ten scandal stories connected with dress code. One of them was in Tennessee state. Couple of students decided to show up at school wearing Yoga pants. They were dismissed from classes immediately.

In one of the Toronto schools the dress code also includes hairstyle. An Afro-American girl was sent to headmaster's office because of her hair. She later stated, that it was her natural hairstyle. One of the most famous cases last year was Emily Blunt Cannes incident, where she was not allowed for the ''Carol'' premiere as she was wearing flat shoes. So here are some hint, that you will need.

Opera, Ballet: A lot of stylists claim, that men should wear classic suits and women dresses.

Exhibition: If this is an artist exhibition, wear dressy casual clothes, you can also wear jeans and blazers. You can mix sport and classy things, but do it wisely. Famous people can wear a bit extravagant clothes. You can wear casual things also to museums, as for example in Louvre you can sit on the floor, so if you wear classic dress, you won't be able to do that.

Fashion show: Don't try to look like models on the runway, just be original and unique.

Luxury restaurants: At last women can wear their diamonds and shine. You can wear cocktail dress it can be dark blue, brown. Dresses that outline shoulders and waist. Avoid glowing colors.

Cafes (art): These are places where you can have your casual clothes on. Just wear things you feel comfortable, this point is the most important here.

Glam clubs: If it's Friday men come here in their suits, trying to tell they worked till late that day and came here to have a drink. During weekends the dressing can be more casual. The same thing applies to women. In kind of places the look must be worthy, cause this is not the place for people drinking water.

Dance clubs: Don't forget you are here to dance and wear something comfortable, but you will need creaive solutions as well. Men can wear interesting shoes and women beautiful dresses. Women you can have your hair done casually.

Pubs: In many pubs in Yerevan, you cannot enter in sport outfit. You will need to wear something casual, but if you are here from the office no one will notice that. Girls can wear casual clothes, but not something vulgar to trigger drank pubers imagination.

Hipster places: In Armenia we don't have such places, but if you happen to be in Moscow and show up in ''Солянки'' or ''Стрелки'', don't hurry to wear hipster clothes, as they recognize their people from far. You can wear jeans, t-shirt and snickers.

Bars: Wear you ''drinking'' clothes. Don't be afraid to be eccentric, wear t-shirts, stripey clothes. But remember not to be overdressed.


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