Euro-2016. What meals eat football players?

Euro-2016. What meals eat football players?

June 10 is the date for launching of one of the greatest championships of the year: Euro-2016. The best teams in Europe gathered together under one roof, in France, where they will compete for the title of best team in Europe. But in addition to the hard-training and physical preparation it is also important a healthy diet.

In the world football championships histories were took place scandals over attempt of poisoning athletes through the food. Perhaps the most recent scandal was during the World Cup 2014, which was held in Brazil. The hotels, which were to take the soccer teams in England and Italy, have found numerous eating disorders.

Specifically, the 25 kg pasta, salmon, and other products of this kind that are no longer the shelf life. To avoid such scandals and food poisoning, a lot of teams in the host country take even water. England’s and "Arsenal" Chief Nutritionist James Collins makes a special diet. For lunch and dinner, the players have to take a large portion of the proteins. Beef and salmon are the best sources of protein. Breakfast is the most important for the players. They eat mostly eggs, butter and bread.

Players must take enough fluids to remain vigilant and active. This is particularly important in cases where they are going to play in tropical countries such as Brazil or any African country. After a hard match, players must recover quickly. In many cases, due to the special mobile kitchen, they can eat in the locker room. In such cases, nutritionists recommend players to prepare their favorite dishes, but with some restrictions.

An integral part of the mobile kitchen can be considered as land, or a variety of rolls. A strict diet the players continue even after the championships. Nutritionists advise and make them eat fruit, yogurt, milk, and always have eggs in the refrigerator. In the evening, they can sometimes eat sweets, of course, keeping a sense of proportion



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