Fast Food: A harmful pleasure

Fast Food: A harmful pleasure

In the context of the eternal running, the constant lack of time to work hard day and night to facilitate personal and family material worries, whenever confronted with a fait accompli: to eat quickly and hastily. At these moments, a hand holds out the so-called fast food, about the negative consequences of which people weaves the legends. Reservin tried to understand where the truth and where the falsehood?

In the world the fast food is seen as a cheap and quick way to defeat hunger. It has preparing before our eyes. Manic relation to this "food" is due not only to the democratic prices, but taste. Maybe this is the reason, makes one believe that burgers and fries still crammed with beneficial vitamins. Nothing like this: the secret were hidden in the professional marketing of flavor. Fast food is just an illusion of satisfying hunger.

 "Cunning" techniques that are used in fast food restaurants are made from simple sausages, rolls and cutlets to the "magic" food, which look like an addictive.

And when the hour for lunch is come, we cannot imagine without a loved one cheeseburger and Big Mac, and run to the nearest fast food place. Yes, fast food has a "narcotic" effect: that convinced a layer of the world's population. We will not deny, fast food is certainly pleasant to the taste, but also benefit from it at least. It necessarily leads to undesirable consequences.


Fast food is dangerous for the body. In extreme cases it is better to take a lunch from home or go to a cafe with a menu less harmful than endanger their own health. Food additives, flavorings manipulation, all that are make momentary pleasure, and only, while in the body destructive processes begins, and then the person starts to feel uncomfortable when confronted with a variety of health problems, especially in the digestive system.

The fact that an integral part of the production of fast food is oil, which is subjected to heat treatment, and then produced carcinogenic elements: that's the main source of trouble from eating fast food.

 These kinds of foods are a great source of calories, cause various diseases:

 1. Overweight and obesity

 2. Gallstones

 3. Kidney problems

 4. Atherosclerosis

 5. Increased cholesterol

 6. Increased sugar in blood

 7. Diseases of the pancreas and liver

 8. Caries

 9. Ulcers and Gastritis

 By the way children get sick often than their parents. The reasons are many: the environment, the same fast food. Kids and students cannot imagine their lives without fast food. For many parents spending time at McDonald's is a part of ordinary daily life. Many students use fast food in order to save time and money, which in this case leads to the appearance of ulcers and liver problems. So it’s time to think about it.


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