Fitness food

Fitness food

Author Nune Aylanjian

Fitness has become 21st century trend, that teases even the most lazy person sitting at the front of their computer. The whole fitness attack started in Instagram, where users post their beautiful fitness bodies out there for the world to see, screaming to the other users ‘’hey, can you do this too?’’. Well it’s not something impossible, as six packs or abs can grow in several month and if you want to go deeper and have Kardashian style ‘’booty’’ the only thing you have to do is train every single day.

For example in Instagram one of the most popular fitness models is massy.arias, she has 2 million followers. She shares not only daily workout posts but also how to eat healthy. Another famous fitness girl is emilyskyefit who has 1.5 million followers. Emily also shares motivational posts.

amandabisk has half million followers, she combines fitness and yoga, promoting inner harmony and beautiful body. As to men, follow therock he is not only a famous actor, but also a fitness model, you will also would like to follow isymfs. 

 It is very important to note, that to train is not enough, you should also eat healthy. So here are few things you need to know about the fitness food.



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Աննա March 29, 2016

Շատ պիտանի յութ էր, շնորհակալություն հեղինակին։։ Առհասարակ առողջ սնունդի մասին շատ գրեք
Anahit March 24, 2016

good translation. thanks
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