Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Author: Anna Gevorgyan

I make this salad for a very long time, but only before writing this article I found out that the name of this dish is a goat in the garden. It also has other names, such as the ''Lights of Paris'' or ''broom''. The latter I think is because it clears the body from toxics. And the name goat in the garden comes from the fact that instead of mayonnaise people add meat.

This is an ideal food, as you can decide the recipe for yourself, it will be excellent for diets, for people who love meat or vegans. You can add egg, cucumber, meat, chips and other things as you wish.

This time I will tell you my very own recipe.

For 6 people here is what you will need 

beet – 200 grams - 200 AMD

carrot– 200 grams - 200 AMD

cabbage – 200 grams - 100 AMD

green – 1 pack - 100 AMD

mayonnaise – 1pack - 400 AMD

salt, pepper

Amount of money: 1000 AMD

Duration: 25 minutes

Grate the beet, carrot and cabbage and add green in a plate. Than cut potato and fry it. Then put on the napkin so oil goes away.

Take the plate and add all the ingredients as you wish, you can design them as you like. You can see how I like in the photos. Then add the sauce. 









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