Where to eat french fries

Where to eat french fries

Author: Angel Dayan

French fries is one of the most favorite dishes of people who prefer fast food. If we don't take into account the fact that you can get fat, than this dish is a great one. But of course we speak about a good french fries.

In Yerevan you can eat french fries in every restaurant, but they are not all tasty or look great. I like french fries a lot and don't have a problem of getting fat so I eat it very often. So here are some places, where you can eat french fries and enjoy it.

The first one is TMS Burger.Here you can taste two types of french fries the regular and rural. They have a special spicy, which you can never taste elsewhere. They serve it in special envelop and it looks really great. It is the most tasty french fries I have tried in Yerevan. It is also very comfortable here, customer service is great and the music playing here is not very load.

Next is Mr. Gyros. Here everything is tasty, starting form shaurma, with spices and ending with french fries. You can it the shaurma in a special Greek bread. Regarding the french fries, you can try it with cheese sauce, it is great.

At Tashir Pizza, you can try french fries that is served in a plate, it is very tasty and is also affordable.

At Tumanyan Shaurmat he french fries is good, but you will have to wait for it a lifetime. You can eat everything and still wait for it. So the solution is to just take it out and eat on your way and tease people around you.

And now, we can talk about the worst french fries. It is at Artashi Mot. It is horrible, it seems the oil it is made in stayed there forever. They don't have a standard amount, the staff member decides how much you need to eat. This place is always crowdy and is always full with men.

Here is what I recommend you, try everything you want, eat whatever yo want. We live only once and have to enjoy everything. Have a nice meal!


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