#hellofriday | DSHK, HA-SS fest

#hellofriday | DSHK, HA-SS fest

Author: Ani Smbati

While some are planning your summer holidays, or vice versa, already having returned from the resort with a suntan and smug smiles, for others it’s time to look for alternative ways to relax for saving from boredom.

20:00 | Jean-Paul Existential Café

Our New Year

Don’t know anything about summer, but Jean Paul really have decided to roll up a second new year celebration calling it “New Year 2016.5”. And of course, they going to do it with all the rules of beloved holiday: a gammon of bacon, Christmas songs, unlimited sparkling wine, and Christmas tree. Here's a real hangout.

21:00 | Liberty Pub

Tiki Smoking Cocktails & Molecular Cuisine

The Friday evenings in Liberty Pub will take place this time under the tagline DSHK (from Armenian “Դեմը Շաբաթ Կիրակի”), in another way: “Following Saturday and Sunday”. So, on upcoming DSHK you can try very different, very unique, and very eatable cocktails. It looks like the cocktails for eating too.  

21:00 | Sector Dacha

Nightwalker: jazzed out

Sector Dacha’s past Friday “Nightwalker” will turned upside down for this time. DJ’s Agor and Jacob are going to mixing action-packed beats with jazz.

21:00 | Downtown club

What A Girl Wants

The Downtown decided to reveal this Friday What a girl really wants. To do this, the give a musical stage to girls. DJ’s Diana Ashugyan, NanCy Movs and Arian Newton are going to answer What a Girl Wants.

21:00 | Paparazzi club


In the Paparazzi you can enjoy this Friday and Saturday not only the music from club’s musical residents, but visual effects by VJ Jack.

Friday – Alen Hertz, DJ Shant, Mike J

Saturday – Greg, DJ Shant, Mike J 


Saturday, July 9

7։00 | Sports Complex

Yerevan Color Run

If suddenly, quite by accident, or a fatal error you forget to drink on Friday night, or for other unknown reasons, you will have to leave your bed early at Saturday morning, it looks like the beginning of the day will be a colorful and fun for you. So, right in this Saturday, next to Sports and Concerts Complex after Karen Demirchyan starts the second marathon Yerevan Color Run. This funny five-kilometer running successfully passing in Russia, USA, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Canada. Armenia join the international marathon in 2015. By the way, if you already belong to the category of 14+, go already to book a ticket to attend.

19:00 | NPAK

HA-SS fest. Closing Ceremony

International Festival of Arts HA-SS (Hearing Art-Seeing Sound) starts in Yerevan in July 4. During the festival were took place master-classes, musical and arts evenings. This Saturday is the festival’s last they with following closing ceremony. Young international composers will take premieres of their compositions. NPAK creates all necessary conditions for them. The event will cross ending line with live paint performance by New-York based Armenian artist Lucy Abdalyan.

21:00 | Enoteca EVN

Wine & Jazz

Enoteca EVN continues good traditions, as well as wine evenings mixed with jazz. This Saturday’s musical guests are: Vahagn Hayrapetyan (piano), Armen Hyusnuntz (saxophone) and Alex Baboyan (guitar). In the program the acoustic improvised music.

Sunday, July 10

The upcoming Saturday and following week is belonging to cinema lovers. The 13th Yerevan International Film Festival "Golden Apricot" is starting. And although the official opening ceremony of the festival scheduled for Sunday evening, film screenings will start in the morning at 10 o'clock. The places are: "Moscow" cinema, Cinema Star, KinoPark, Malyan theatre, as well as in TUMO and Bogoshian Garden. Enjoy the cinema.



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