#hellofriday | swag, burger, Vardavar

#hellofriday | swag, burger, Vardavar

Հեղինակ՝ Անի Սմբատի Author: Ani Smbati

It looks like july's first day is already come. And is still friday. Ok, both together. With summertime various party's and other entertianment types are heating up. So the friday evenings and following weekends definitely will be are equipped with fun.

19:00 | Lover’s Park

Goofball Circus

I'm not familary with Goofball Circus, but judging from his musical videoclips, he is totally strange guy, in positive way the word. Alternative music admirers may hurry up (sorry for tautology) Lovers Garden, because the "psychodelic mix of fashion and music" took place at that place. By the way, Persian experimental musician Arash Azadi will present audiovisual performance as an opening act.


20:00 | Pepper Burger Bar

July First Friday Party

Pepper Burger Bar is not only the best place for tasty burgers in the city, but the place when sometimes craziest Friday evenings take place. Today is that day. Music from Groovin' Loops (Tarko & Tigo).


20:00 | Jean-Paul Existential Café

Rock&Pop Corn Day

Are you sad because you do not got popcorn on last Friday? Say Cheese! The event repeats itself. Yes, three diferent kinds and as last time with rock and jazz. Hashtag #existential tjjj.

21:00 | Enoteca EVN

Jazz & Wine

Wine House Enoteca EVN has a tradition: jazz evenings when you have a best chance to explore for yourself new names and bands. This time Wine House special guests are new quartet with Karen Mamikonyan (keys), Edgar Sahakyan (bass), Tigran Sujyan (tuba) and Narek Khechumyan (drums).

21:00 | Downtown club

Sound Of Constellations

Let's celebrate july's first day in Downtown with DJ's Alen Hertz-ի, Koliakis, and Arman. Glamorous girls take the selfies. Your first drinks will be served free.

21:00 | Paparazzi club

Friday night

Paparazzi have been recovered from the celebrating last Friday club's first anniversary. This time there is no special gig. But it is not important. Mike J and DJ Shant are waiting for you at DJ decks.

22:00 | Stoyka

#swag Party Vol.1

Stoyka welcoming to celebrate summer's second month's first day with JoJo and Twin. Swags are following, song what you want that.


Saturday, July 2

10:00 | Cafesjian Art Centre 

«Markos Grigoryan. Crossroads»

Let's start upcoming Saturday with cultural events. So, first we need to go Cafesjian Art Centre. The new exhibition will open in there. It is dedicated to Markos Grigoryan who is the one of most vivid persons in Armenian art. If you are not familiar with him, it is good to know that his works and activity have importance not only for Armenian, but International culture. More than 24 exclusive works, such as pieces of land-art and carpet, of artist will represented in the Centre's exhibiting halls "Eagle" and "Davit of Sasoun". The exhibition will run until August 28.

13:00 | Eraz Factory

Yerevan Art Expo 2016

If you need a more interactive art, therefore move right to 13:00 in the "ERAZ" factory. Why 13:00? Because the expo will last only 3-4 hours. During the event music and art performances, paintings, sculptures, ceramics are waiting for you. Overall it's time to meet with young artists and their works.

20:00 | Club 23


Ok. We dedicate the afternoon cultural-educational activities, so in the evening is possible to partying. "Nightwalker" is a deep house music evening. Right in 21:00 is the Set of Garik Apinyan, in 23:00 he is following by Jacob Semirjyan, after midnight is time for X40.

Sunday, July 3 

12:00 | TUMO


If today you haven't heard anything, or haven't read some piece or haven't see any pixel about TUMO's upcoming Vardavar, it means that you are alien... Ok, simply you are the stranger. Ok, you haven't Facebook profile. Good? But seriously, it's look like the whole city will be there this Sunday. The GIF-points, where you can take photo, the resault will appear in the net thereafter. Besides that, the various 10-15 points represents by some companies will be also waiting for you on that day. Well what event without music? There is "not water" corner has been set up special for beats. And who repsonsible for the music mood? Come and See!  

12:00 | Sector Dacha


Don't want to go TUMO? But want to play with water? Ok, I keep a special alternative for you. It looks like Sector Dacha will organize Vardavar event too. The guests and staff collect four teams: Sector 4, Hemingway’s Pub, Cascad, and Saryan. You can choose with who you want to play. The battle start and the teams will jointly determine the winner, then reconciled. Mi, mi, mi!~





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