Quick and useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and useful with Anna Gevorgyan


Author: Anna Gevorgyan

Today, I'll present you a delicious dessert which is easy to prepare. It is subcaloric, but very nutritious. If eat it on the early morning and then possible to spend the other half of the day full of energy and high spirits.

This dessert is universal, it can be prepared for all seasons and with any fruits. I prepare myself for the most part these ingredients as banana and apple combination. I think is very tasty.

We need following ingredients for the preparation of fruit dessert for two servings.


1 tbsp. spoon flour

3 tbsp. spoon of sugar

1 egg - 50 AMD

1 cup milk - 100 AMD

Vanilla - 100 AMD


1 apple - 50 AMD

1 banana - 200 AMD

The total cost is 500 AMD

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Break the eggs into the pan. Fill the three tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of flour and one cup of milk, mix well to avoid the balls. Put on the fire and stir the mixture until it thickens, turn off as soon as the fire starts to boil and cool down. 

Wash apples and bananas. Remove the shell and spall. Evenly distribute fruit dessert two glasses and pour over the warm cream. Sprinkle on cinnamon cream and serve. However, the taste of this dessert is actually provided by keeping in refrigerator. 








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