Who from the past has arrived in Yerevan

Who from the past has arrived in Yerevan

Have you ever tried to imagine world-known geniuses walking down the streets of Yerevan and visiting our cafes and pubs? How would they describe? How would examine them? And finally what would they say? I must say that in days I tried to imagine it and had the courage to create some lines about the entertainment places of our City on behalf of the world-known geniuses. 

1. “My Cindy

I’m here in Yerevan for the first time. Ya’ know, it’s not Hamburg, but a little, comfortful City. Damn, I’ve gotta headache from that concerts and underground smells. It’s calm here. By the way, it’s quite cold. Not like Liverpool, another kind of cold. Now drinkin’ coffee. Boys stayed in the room. The café is called Coffeshop Company Yerevan. Quite a good place, comfort! Ya’ know, this atmosphere makes one love and miss. I miss Ya’, Cindy. There are couples sittin’ in front of and next to me. That’s much better, goddamn, ya’ know, that’s really much-much better. It’s much more beautiful than, for example, bombin’ cities… Unfortunately, that’s more difficult. Ya’ know, I think if everyone sit like this and love, we’ll add not sugar to coffee, but peace… Peace, Cindy, Peace…”

2. “The Aristocrat client and the peach-jam”

On that day, since morning he was on pins and needles. He spent the whole morning smoking his pipe and trying some clothings. Then he found what he needed: a white shirt and checkered jillete, but also a  very worn-out farm-hat. We left the home. He told me to take my stick with me, although I already didn't need it. The cab arrived. After fiveteen minutes we were stadning in the front of Cantaloupe Pub. He said He told me to start asking annoying questions about the weather, when the fat man came and sit at our table. That pub had the unique athmosphere of free and careless life.  

“We need some simplicity to solve this case soon.” he said, before we’d entered. 

Usually we used to go to Simpons’ in the stand, but on that time he needed right that atmosphere. Just to sit surrounded by people who refrains from that ugly luxuriance and do work.

The fat man came in, his one eye was missing, he was dressed very well, while there are scars on his hand. While entering he was quite surprised. My friend said me in a whisper.

“Do You know that our fat man is a fisherman...”

3. “Neon Cocktails”

"... Friedrich crossed the street, in the lap of which Kami Club lied with that proud and self-satisfied look on its face. Two "Plasma Angels" (the guards were called so) met them at the door. They attached the small "spider-spy" with UV light on Friedrich's shirt and then after an entire examination, let him in using the “most friendful” variant of their electric voice. It was funny. No matter that he was a frequenter here, they examined him every time. The next three hours Friedrich spent enjoying the exclusive drinks of that day. On that day rainbow color punch and “neon cocktails" were served in Kami. A polychrome comfort was flowing down from the walls of Kami.”

4. “Bit lower from the mountain”

“... it was a shiny morning. Juan answered my letter the day before. She said, that she would reach the city, while I was working, and would meet me. I decided to work in the company of cacao with milk. I already quite knew the city. That street, which carried on it all that too important buildings, was getting much simplier and friendlier after the first bus-station, when a sunny park started near the crossroad. They call it “The lovers' park”. And in the park there is a cafe called Achajour. I decided to work right there. I had two articles to write. I sit at one of the little tables and started examining the area. There were many trees, so much green. There was a little river passing through the park. I felt calm, and the cacao was calmly flowing through me. For a second I stared at the river, remembered Piave, the explosions, bombs, that smell of dampness and blood. But I was woken-up from that old, blood-tasted memories by a little child, who fetched away from a couple, sitting at a table, and started running. 

5. Night to end, night to start

“…The street was chocking from that gloom. Two fat rats ran in front of Sally, she stopped, than more frightened continued her steps. The rats’ were still sounding in her head, and her imaginary associated that squeak with the cementry door squeak, and she started walking faster. On the other side of the street Tom Collins pub lied, as if it was numbed from hashish. It was the only salvation. Only full of life place to get warm, calm the nerves with ceveral shots and wait until the streets disgorges that murk, locks the rats in their holes and declares the coming day.

Crossing the street seemed to Sally like an eternity… ”

«The authors»

1. John Lennon

2. Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle

3. Ray Bradbury

4. Ernest Hemingway

5. Edgar Alan Poe


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