ECO "PLATFORM" for those who love to eat delicious

ECO "PLATFORM" for those who love to eat delicious

The culinary part of second three-day festival "Hartak" in Yerevan from now on is a part of history. Open-air event provides its guest to learn cooking, degusting and just spend unforgetable summer Sunday. 

The festival program includes varied and diverse four parts: healthy lifestyle, creative classes, culinary arts, and technology sections.

The most tasty part of the festival took place in the last Sunday of June right in Mashtoc garden. During the event many companies giving exchange of experience by master-classes, discuss business etiquete, shares each other interesting information. 

The musical mood was provided by DJ Greg.  

One of the festival attendants, Blackberry distinguished by a wide range of drinks and a beautifully decorated table. Cafe's chief gives a master class by preparing very uniqiue dish combinating chicken and vegetable.

Pub37 gastro pab also properly presented, offering guests a wide selection of dishes.

Sushi master's "AKO Sushi" degustation table was also be in focus of one simple reason, here were distributing free sushi. The chefs presented first in his kind assortment. They used iskhan, sturgeon, rainbow trout, river trout, smoked trout - popular products in Armenian fishing industry. 

On the oriented in traditional cuisine "Our Village" table were dominated dolma, kyuftan and other "patriotic" dishes.

Salon who also participated in the event presented gata and dolma based on unusual recipe.

Sector Dacha instead of it culinary specialties brought to the event its comfortable and pleasant for seating footstools.

ArtNaukaYeravan' specialists in front of guests, made a literally magical (nitro) ice cream from natural raw materials, a variety of flavors and colors, using liquid nitrogen, milk, sugar and other aggregates. You need 1 minute and your freezie and ideal environmentally friendly ice cream is ready. Physics are magic! 

In turn, Oliva bringing the Italian spirit to the festival, presenting Italian cuisine.

Famous famous nutritionist Vardanush Petrosyan's ''Ingredient'' presented creative cuisine, combining the useful with tasty. Vardanush Petrosyan were also held a master class.

The ecologically clean food is often discussed and important topics. It is actually a part of an healthy lifestyle. "Hartak" festival's main goal is the taking chance to learning how to eat without damaging to the environment, taking care of the body, maintaining a proper diet. And also getting useful advices for different aspects of life.


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