Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Author: Anna Gevorgyan

Apple is one of the most tasty and useful fruits and it is also used as the first food given to kids after breastfeeding. It is interesting, that cooked apple is also very useful and it clears the body from toxins. And if you add raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, honey it becomes a real remedy. 

For 6 people here is what you need: 

Apple – 6 - 400 AMD

Walnuts – 50 grams - 350 AMD

Raisins  - 50գր - 100 AMD

Sugar – 3 tea spoon

Honey – 6 tea spoon

Cinnamon – 1 tea spoon

Amount: 1000 AMD

Duration: 30 minutes

Clean the apple and cut the top part of it.

Add in a plate walnuts, raisins, honey, cinnamon and sugar mix it and start filling in the apple, close it with the cut part. Put them in the oven with 220 degree. Add a honey on the apple but be sure it is in 40 degree as above honey looses its' usefulness. 








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