It's lunch time!

It's lunch time!

Author Diana Martirosyan

People here love to have a coffee break and to eat on the go. Today the “ritual” erstwhile known as “having coffee” and even "kofe" among certain castes became a coffee-break, and breaks became lunches. There are many vintage-style cafes in the heart of Yerevan, where one can get full by inexpensive meals, avoiding not so useful shaurmas made from meat of not always reliable origin. The prices in these mini cafes are very convenient, attract average 20-40 year old urbanist, who loves to dig on the web for hours, make an appointment on the go or simply enjoy the quiet date with his own ego. We have several choices for a comfortable places where You can be satisfied having only 2 000 AMD in pocket and no “shaurma-desires” in gastro-imagination. Of course places for lunch are not limited to all this, but these are more popular and cheaper variants, beneficial, for example, for students' pockets. 

Photo by Plato Yerevan

In this quiet little café called "Plato" one can chat with friends, “spicing” the discussion with a salad, sandwich, soup and a soft non-alcoholic drink. There is refreshing lemonade, which is the most enjoyable and felicitous selection for coming hot days.

Photo by Muscat

More You can be greeted with a more homely and simple mood by "Muskat" enjoying some Little-lavashs with chicken, buckwheat with vegetables, teriyaki, tea and a wide selection of small-portioned various main dishes and garnishes. The prices and atmosphere lead You to pal up with the area. Fresh flowers on the tables and always busy seats: this little gastro-place obviously has its frequenters.

Photo by Navavar

"Navavar", the most fish-full, wood-full and marine lunch-world. Prices are also affordable and the daytimes are calm, parky and very tuning to conversations. Here the seafood lovers can organize business lunches. The place is not noisy. In fact lunch places are not limited to all that: these three are just very humane: low prices, Downtown and friendly atmosphere.


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Alex August 6, 2016

Es el kavelacnei Achajoury, iranc mot misht tarm u hamex e amen inch :)
Aren March 25, 2016

Subtitle-i het hamadzayn em!
Լիլիթ March 9, 2016
կավելացնեմ նաև Սաբթայթլը...Հաճելի մթնոլորտ ու համեղ սնունդ...^^
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