where to go best answer

where to go best answer

March 8 was again encircled with red calendar with the weightless by a light touch. In 1910, during a forum held in Copenhagen March 8 was considered as "International Women's Day." Of course, at first it was called the "international day of solidarity of women fighting for their rights", but was later edited, or just women's rights got equal and even dominant over men's rights. However, the tradition remained. The men again could not fight or simply acted generously.

And now men are “suffering” for more than a century from question like "where to go, what to give, with what words to congratulate, hot to be unique and impress”. Reservin tried to ease the burden and somehow answer to at least one of these questions: and so where to go?

Kami Clubsuggests to enjoy the evening together with Allusion BAND & Dj Max. The mood in this club is always hot and fiery: definitely it’ll not be boring.

In El Skyon this day IMAGINE BAND / AREVO GRIGORYAN & DJ DEEP DANNY will play here. Be hurry to reserve in advance: free places are very rare in this place on the last minute.

Aeon anticafe oorganized a very unique and interesting event: a tribute evening to female performers of last 60 years of pop music: You’ll be able to enjoy the cover versions of well-known singers such as Janis Joplin Beyonce, Debbie Harry, Zemfira, Annie Lenox, Kate Bush, Stevie Knicks. The Anticafe suggests to bring with You Your guitars, tambourines, and perform together the well-known songs. In fact, it turned out that the event was organized in cooperation with platform in Armenia called "Feminist." In fact, there are problems with women's rights and equality, as we there are such platforms.

Shiba bar promises to make that day be fabulous. The place offers a gorgeous interior, delicious food, festive mood, live performances. The recipe of what makes it fabulous is kept in secret.

Paparazzi Club offers to celebrate the International Women's Day together, because on that day prizes will be raffled: KAZANJIAN watches. The mood will be provided by DJ Diana, DJ AlenHertz and DJ Shant & Mike J.

El Cafeinvites all women and girls to celebrate March 8.

Liberty Pub suggest to have together a wonderful time on March 8. At 8:00 p.m. You will enjoy the music of DJ DAPE (David Petrosyan, and at midnight, of DJ Narek Simonian.

Sakurada restaurant offers a special updated menu on March 8.


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