It is causing anger: 5 things that forces waiter to get out of himself

It is causing anger: 5 things that forces waiter to get out of himself

What can be frustrate the waiter? The less tips? Absolutely no! It is nothing, when a specialist of the service sector "encounters" with negligence and rudeness of the customer. And it is causes waiter to get out of himself.

1. Purposely smudging the table

There are people who willingly or unwillingly, getting the table into the chaos. They are thrown here and there the napkins and food leftovers. If some do it accidentally, while others do it on purpose. Maybe this is because of boredom, or they are concerned about the quality of service. But maybe it is good to just leave comments in the book of complaints and suggestions of the restaurant.

2․ Calling waiter by clicking fingers

Clicking fingers is shameful. All the waiters hate it. When they hear customers clicking fingers and shouts: "Hey, waiter," - you want to go and hurt this bad guy, and this idea was born spontaneously and. However, they will do anything to hold back anger. But customers should simply call the administrator or any other waiter to ask who should serve the table.

3․ Abusing the hospitality of the restaurant

Each restaurant or cafe have to do anything to strive for more and more customers, and this is natural, because these institutions survive by duo to the visitors. However, this does not entitle customers to abuse their hospitality and the privilege of "the last customer". Well, it's for those who are not going to home, even when the restaurant's closing time is coming. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the center of the attention of security personnel.

4․Taking place without an invitation

The restaurant has its own special rules. When you enter inside, you are greeted by the administrator (hostess) and leads to free tables, or the one which has been ordered by yourself. If you were not greeted, then you can not complain. But when you choose the table by yourself, they may ask you to change it.

5․ Expressing overt distrust

If you visit a restaurant or cafe, you automatically agreeing to trust them. However, some clients, for unknown reasons, brings to an institution discontent, thinking that the personnel was trying to cheat or poison him, or they "attack" waiters with advices. This is the same as the patient learns the doctor how to heal people.


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