May is declared as month for preventing melanoma, and May 11th is the ''World Melanoma Day''. It’s already the 4th year that Global Shapers Community Yerevan Hub in partnership with the Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology is initiating "No Melanoma" awareness raising campaign in the whole world. Within the initiative during May a number of events will spread awareness about melanoma among public. Reservin Armenia also joins this initiative as an information supporter. 

About 48.000 people die from melanoma every year. Legendary singer Bob Marley also suffered from this disease. But now it is not only possible to treat this disease, but also to prevent it. This philosophy is the motto for this project. And on May 11 fundraising event will take place at Paparazzi Club, where you will be able to donate money for kids who suffer this disease. 

During the month of May free consulting/diagnosis will be provided to the citizens at the National Hematology Center and Muratsan hospital.

Within No Melanoma campaign an informative session and open discussion will be held at American University of Armenia jointly with Graduate Student Council. During the meeting a leading expert of the field will introduce the public with detailed information on skin cancer, talk about its prevention and protection activities followed by Q&A.

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer with 160,000 new cases yearly, and with the highest mortality rate among skin diseases with 75% cases. About 48.000 people die from melanoma every year.


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