Pleasant surprise on  Mezzo's stage

Pleasant surprise on Mezzo's stage

Reservein Armenia continues its collaboration with one of the best places of the city. This time we are presenting our favorite artist Emma Petrosyan’s solo concert at Mezzo Classic House-Club.

As it was expected, sunday evening at Mezzo Classic House-Club was in a warm and family atmosphere .We were enjoying the solo concert of Emma Petrosyan .The special guest of  the concert was Aramo – accompanying  maestro Madat Avanesov. From the beginning of the concert it turned out, that there was a pleasant surprise prepared for the audience. Talented violinist Avo  Gevorgyan was also performing on the same stage with his famous parents. As always, the participation of Avo completed the special atmosphere of Emma’s solo concert.

Avo’s choice violin as an instrument was Emma’s advice. He graduated from the Academy of Art in Essen, Germany at the department of violin. Now he is performing along with his parents.

For several times Avo has proved the fact, that he inherited his parents' musical talent and stage charm genes. He always tried to smooth his career independently. Once again, he proved it with his professional and confident performance.  

Many favorite and beloved songs were sung during the live concert. Avo’s performance with his parents on the same stage had warmed the atmosphere even more and helped to give sincere emotions to Emma’s solo concert.


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