Quick and useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Author: Anna Gevorgyan

Nuggets origin comes from 1850's and golden fever, when professor Robert Baker created nuggets with the surface we already know. They were called bites at a time. 

Today everyone loves nuggets and you can try them everywhere. We all want to cook this food as it is very tasty. Today I will make French nuggets, they are different from classic nuggets as they also contain cheese and corn.

For 2 person, you will need

Chicken breast – one whole – 1500 AMD   

Rusk – 30 grams

Eggs – 2 – 120 AMD

Flour – 50 grams

Cheese – 100 grams -  /50 grams / - 400 AMD

Corn – 30 grams


Amount: 2000 AMD

Duration: 20 minutes

Clean the breast, dry it and cut. 

Take 2 plates add in one flour, in the second eggs and the last one corn. Put the breast in each plate twice and fry them. Put in the napkins so the oil goes away.








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