Discovering PEPO Fish House

Discovering PEPO Fish House

Author: Nune Aylanjian

If only Zimzimov knew about PEPO Fish House which opened on Saryan street, he would be so jealous. This place makes you feel so bad about the fact that we don't have sea and can't enjoy seafood as much as we would like to. Here you can have not only your dinner but as well lunch. I really like this place as the atmosphere is great, but we must be very objective and note pluses and minuses of this place. 




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Hosting: This is a very rare thing, when you enter there are all smiles there. Sometimes you get in and no one pays attention to you. Here you will get a very warm welcoming. 

Customer Service: Here the waiter will explain to you all dishes in a detailed manner and won't be tired and will always smile. 

Treats: As a proverb says ''when you accept a gift you don't judge it''. Here there is a free treat you can eat bread and butter, which is really very tasty. 

Fish revolution: If you believe, that combining fish and milk is a bad idea, here you will change your mind, as here you can try a soup with fish and milk, which is just delicious. 

Crayfish pancakes: This proves that you can eat pancakes not only on occasions, but also everyday. This dish is very tasty. 

No soda drinks: Here you can drink only healthy things like juice. You can find here Cola or Pepsi. This is very freshening thing in our city. 

No Smoking: Here you can't smoke and this is a very good thing. Eat and breath fresh air. 




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The smell: Here they do have an AC, but as the shef prepares dish in front of you, sometimes you can feel smells and not always it is pleasant to sit there and eat your meal.

Delays: Treats can come very late or not come at all. So just remind the waiter to bring them. It is not shameful you just want to eat your treats, If yo are a regular there especially no need to feel uncomfortable. 

Wrong order: As you would love to try everything there, if the waiter won't have notebook, you will end up by having the wrong dish on your table. So be more specific and order things which make sense. 

No Smoking: At first this can be a good thing, but well it's not fair for the people who want and need to smoke. 

No Soda thing: Yes it is good to lead a healthy life, but well you eat better with cola, let's face it. 


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